Have you lost your car keys or need a replacement? Then Remote Key is the company to choose for excellent car key programming that is out of this world. All car keys are programmed to you and your needs. If you are not happy, we provide a 12 month guarantee for all services. 

Everything you need to know about our car key programming service

Car Key ProgrammingIt is very easy to misplace or lose car keys, especially if you are out and about or have a busy lifestyle which means having a back-up key is essential. There’s nothing worse than going to use your car to find that your partner has taken your car keys leaving you stranded with no place to go. With the help of our car key programming – you will never be stranded at home or work ever again.

Placing your order for car key programming is very straightforward and easy. You simply select the model and brand then go on to place the order via the Remote Key online system which is very secure and safe to use. From here, you will be asked to complete payment for your new key. We accept all credit and debit cards from major providers such as Visa etc. As we are a forward thinking company, we even accept PayPal payments.

Now you have placed your order and it has gone through – excellent, take a note of the order reference number which should appear on the screen. We will ask you to send your car key with this order number so that we can trace each individual owner, otherwise we will not be able to help you. Lastly, please do send your orders through recorded or next-day delivery depending on how quick you would like the turnaround.

Work begins as soon as we have received your car key. We cannot stress how important it is to send it through a trusted courier and to include your order number, otherwise there will be a delay to your order. The car key programming work starts by analysing all the digital information contained inside the chip of your key. This will then be cloned regardless of whether it is an automatic or manual key.

At Remote Key, we always do our best to process each and every order 24 hours of receipt. There will be exceptions such as holidays like Christmas etc. but our team will keep you updated every step of the way.

What happens when the order has been completed?

Once the team has completed the order to our exacting standards, we will then send you your keys back. If the key that you sent was manual, there will be nothing further for you to do as you will be able to use the new key straightaway.

With electronic keys there is a different process that you must complete before you are able to use the keys. All keys have to be programmed to your car key system, don’t worry this will not incur an extra fee. We will give you a specific set of instructions relating to your car brand and type, but on the whole, they follow this pattern:

Step 1 – Insert the key into the ignition

  • Turn the key from position 1 to position 2 x 4 within a 6 second period
  • You should then hear a beeping noise
  • Press any button on the remote key fob
  • Wait for another bleep

Step 2 – After hearing the beep

  • Press another button on the fob within 10 seconds
  • Turn from ignition to position 2 for 10 seconds
  • Turn the ignition off and remove key
  • Test the key

Step 3 – The next step

  • Turn from ignition to position 2 for 10 seconds
  • Turn the ignition off and remove key
  • Test the key

Reasons to choose Remote Key

Knowing which car key programming business to choose is a decision that you will not be making lightly. You can trust that when you select our company, your car key will be in the safest hands. We have been approved by Trading Standards, and our services are tightly and fully regulated to protect you the consumer.

We have been in operation as a company for over 10 years, and have revolutionised the car key programming industry for car owners like yourself. Remote Key is a small family owned company that is committed to giving you the customer the best possible service. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with our team and we will be more than happy to answer them.

There is a 12 month guarantee on all of our keys should you have any dissatisfaction with our service or experience any problems.