Duplicate Car Keys

Have your car keys broken?  For a superb duplicate car keys call Remote Key on 07565 505 572 for a superb service. Our company have years of experience in duplicating car keys for a wide range of car models. Remote Key has supplied the best duplicate car keys in the UK for many years.

Our car key duplication services

Has your car key snapped or has it stopped working?  Do not despair, as Remote Key are here to provide a duplication service that will allow you to use your car once again. We use the latest technologies and a highly skilled workforce to provide the best duplicate car keys in the UK.

Remote Key duplicate keys for the following models:


If the key on your MG car has stopped working, we have the facilities to produce duplicate car keys for the following MG models: MG ZR, MG ZS, MG F, MG TF and the MG ZT.

We provide a range of MG car key duplication services, so read our page to view more.


Remote Key can duplicate a wide range of car keys for Ford cars. We have the facilities to clone both the standard key and remote key for Ford models. In the past, we have duplicate car keys for the KA, Focus, Mondeo, Fiesta, Fusion, Transit, and many other Ford models.

Find out more about our Ford car key duplicates service.

Land Rover

Do you need your Land Rover car keys duplicated? Remote Key has the facilities and in-depth industry knowledge required to duplicate Land Rover car keys. We duplicate keys for the Defender, Freelander and many more Land Rover models.

View more details here on our Land Rover car key services.


Do you drive a Rover? If your car keys have broken or stopped working, get in touch with Remote Key now for the best cloned keys on the market. View the Rover models we clone.


Save money today by ordering our specialist duplicate car keys for your Renault vehicle. Many Renault car owners are disappointed when they order second-hand keys from unauthorised sellers for their Renault vehicle. These keys will not work in your car and you should ensure that you order a set of duplicate keys from Remote Key.

Read to see which Renault models we duplicate.

Accepted Payments

At Remote Key, we pride ourselves on accepting a wide range of payments from our customers, we will accept: PayPal and card payments (which will be protected by HSBC Global Payments).

Why Remote Key?

Are you debating on choosing our duplicate key service? Look below for reasons why you should choose Remote Key:

  • Years of experience
  • High-quality duplicate service
  • We duplicate for a wide range of models
  • Tried-and-tested products

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