EKA Code Key Cutting

Have you lost your car keys?

If you have lost your car keys, all is not lost!

Dont send the car off to the scrap man just yet! If you have your key security code we will be able to provide you with a brand new set of keys, just like new!

To find your key code you will need to look on the car security card, which was supplied when the car was purchased new.

Here is an example of a Rover Security card:

This image shows the Emergency Key Access code at the top. The key number is the ignition key cutting number. We will need this number if you have lost all your keys.

This is the reverse side of the card. The code shown here is the radio code.
It has no connection to the immobiliser, EKA or key numbers.

  • The key code is found on the security information card supplied with your vehicle.
  • The key code is 4 digits long.
  • The key code is NOT the code in the key fob.
  • The grey plastic tag on the keys is likely to be the ignition key code.
  • The key code has no connection with the key fob. If you have a new key fob programmed the key code will not change
  • The key code is not written in the immobiliser control box.
  • You cannot order a new key fob by the using key code

If your code is lost, Remote Key Ltd can extract the code for you, but we need your vehicle or alarm ECU. If this is not practical you could see your local dealer who should be able to obtain the code by just looking at your log book (vehicle registration document V5). Some dealers will ask for proof of ownership and they will make a charge.