Are your van keys on the blink? If the answer is yes, do not waste a second more. Contact Remote Key today to discover the benefits of our Ford Transit key fob replacement services. Our company has many years of experience and has provided unbeatable services for hundreds of satisfied customers.

Our key fob replacements for Ford Transits Ford Transit Key Fob Replacement

It is fair to say that the Ford Transit is one of the most popular choices for commercial vehicles. Over time, however, heavy usage can take its toll with wear and tear beginning to show. One such example is the key fob. We take this for granted but it, like everything else, may eventually become either semi or completely non-functional.

At Remote Key, our superb key fob replacements for Ford Transits services covers all the bases. From replacing batteries and simple key fob reconditioning to cloning entirely new fobs, our skilled technical staff can help.

If you are finding that your immobiliser is failing to respond to your key fob, this is a sign that your fob is breaking down. Our reconditioning service will carefully assess the problem and then provide you with an entirely new Ford Transit replacement key fob set that includes the following:

  • Brand new plastic casing
  • Fresh battery
  • New rubber buttons
  • Superb new transmitter
  • Waterproof design

Our Ford Transit key fob replacements are so incredibly simple to reprogram, anyone can do it. Once you have received your new fob simply bring up the guide on our website for an-depth walk through for programming Ford remotes.

We recognise that being out without your key fob can present a huge inconvenience, especially if you rely on your van for your job. To facilitate this, we aim to process and dispatch all key fob replacements for Ford Transits within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Why choose Remote Key?

At Remote Key, we are committed to excellent customer service and have provided superb Ford Transit replacement key fobs since 2004. If you are looking for a friendly, family-run company with extensive experience, you have come to the right place. We are dedicated to the quality of our products, the majority of which are manufactured in our UK based workshop.

All of our key fob replacements for Ford Transits undergo rigorous testing before shipping. However, we accept that from time to time things may go wrong. If this should happen, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

As members of the government-approved Buy with Confidence scheme, you can be assured that what you are receiving is of the utmost quality.

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