Key Fob Replacement

Have you lost your key fob? Has it been stolen? Or has it just become slow and worn? Remote Key can help by offering key fob replacement or reconditioning for all LUCAS key fobs to make them as good as new within 48 hours of your request. As the leading car key manufacturer in the South coast, we provide a fast and efficient service at an unbeatable price.

About Remote Key

Replacement key fobsAs a family run business with an extensive knowledge of automotive security, Key Remote are specialists in car key replacement, van key replacement, immobiliser problems and immobiliser bypass. We also supply keys, remotes and immobiliser products that you can easily fit yourself and provide a personal service to all of our customers, such as MG Rover, Ford

We know from customer experience how frustrating it can be to lose your car keys or not have them function as they should. However, car key and key fob replacement don’t have to be expensive, nor time-consuming. Why pay and wait more than you have to for shipping to and from your dealership when Remote Key can offer high-quality expertise on your doorstep?

Built in the UK in our Dorset based workshop, our key fobs and keys can be swiftly shipped all over the country via mail order. Head on over to our website for more information about our delivery options.

Quick and Affordable

If your key fob is becoming old and slow, then our fob key replacement service can give it a new lease of life and avoid the expense of purchasing a new one.

Our experienced team will begin by first removing the plastic casing, clean out dust from the circuit board and replace the plastic case. This is followed by splash proofing the buttons to help protect your keys from our all too unpredictable English weather!

Our team will also change the battery and transmitter to ensure a faster and more efficient key fob replacement. Just send us your key fob in the post, and we’ll send it back as soon as possible by recorded delivery for a secure and inexpensive service. All of our products are tried and tested on real vehicles before they leave our workshop, ensuring that your product is of the highest quality, will last and is fully guaranteed.

Services for Various Models

Whether you’re in need of key fob replacement batteries, new casings, buttons and transmitters, Key Remote can help. Our talented and experienced team can offer replacement and repair kits for a variety of makes and models, including:

If your vehicle’s model isn’t listed above, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements further.

Upgrading to a Key Fob

If you’re looking for a faster, simpler way to access your vehicle, why not upgrade to a key fob replacement? We offer upgrades to this keyless access system for a variety of models, which allows you to unlock and lock your car with the simple click of a button. Better yet, all of our key fobs come with easy to follow instructions that mean you can set up your upgrade with ease in the comfort of your own home.

Key Cutting Service

As experts in car key and key fob replacement, we offer a key cutting service to replace or clone your vehicles. Simply send us your key, we’ll complete the work and send back your key promptly. To ensure the utmost security for your key, we use insured delivery meaning your key will make its way safely back to you.


Whatever your car key needs, Remote Key are happy to help. For more information, email us at

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