Help with problems with your Land Rover Discovery 2 key

Land Rover Valeo Key Fob

This is for Land Rover Discovery series 2 made from 1999 to about 2004, any engine, any colour, any gearbox with the key fitted as shown in the picture above.

My key has suddenly stopped working what can I do?

The key has a magnetic sensor inside this is old technology so do NOT put you key next to magnets and do NOT put the key on the same key-ring with another set of vehicle keys

The key has 1 x CR2032 button battery fitted.

Please fit a brand new battery and make sure the battery is not old, battery’s will loose power if not used over time.

Our Replacement key has 1 x CR1220 button battery fitted

Battery’s will last on average 2 to 3 years

Check the vehicles battery, no don’t just look at it, it needs to be showing above 12 volts and if more than 7 years old it needs replacing with a good high quality replacement.

Discovery 2 has an RF or radio receiver located in the roof.

This is not the receiver for the radio it receives the radio waves from the key to operate the vehicles alarm/ immobiliser / central locking systems, this needs power for it to operate so see above, check the vehicles battery.

The above RF receiver unit suffers from damp, water damage especially if you have a sunroof fitted.

The RF unit is located just in-front of the rear sunroof or if you have no sunroof fitted the roof has a strengthening bar under the headlining which is located directly above the back seats.

Sit in the back of your Discovery, hold the key in the air near the area of the receiver unit, press any button on your key if your key now works you need a replacement receiver unit.

If your RF radio receiver is defective a new one will plug in without any programming or configuration but remember UK / Europe you will need a 433mhz unit North America,USA, Canada + many others will need a 315mhz unit

Programming problems

Our Discovery 2 programmer device supplied with the key will only work ONCE watch the blue LED light it will show solid for 30 seconds and go out.

If you attempt to use the programmer again after a successful programming the blue LED light will just flash.

If you are sure the programmer has not worked and it just flashes the programmer cannot connect to the immobiliser / alarm control unit.

Make sure your system is disarmed / not active, the red LED security light on the instruments on the dashboard MUST be OFF or the programmer will be blocked.

You could have a connection issue on the socket / OBD / programming port on the vehicle, make sure no wires have come loose out of the back of the socket.

Look at the picture of the programmer this shows the connection.

PIN DATA is the most important pin check you socket for any dirt or corrosion.