MGTF all models 2003 onwards fitted with the round type remote key fob.

Oval Key Fob

MGTF in 2003 changed from the Lucas 5AS security system to the pektron scu system

This Pektron SCU or ECU control unit controls the alarm / immobiliser system + many more functions, the key fobs are programmed to the pektron scu so if you require new key fobs for your MGTF we need your pektron scu control unit sending to us

Part numbers




Remove the panel both drivers side and passenger side.

The pektron unit is held in-place with a special security screw, you need a 5 Point TS20 Tamperproof Security Torx Socket, both drivers side and passenger side.

Pull out the unit, the electrical plugs have small clips in the middle, press the clip down the plugs will pull out.

Pektron ECU

Send your unit to:

Remote Key Ltd
3 Nea Close
BH23 4QQ

Please!! Please!! include your details with your box so we know who has sent it.

We will return your unit usually within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) tested ready to re-fit.

We will not delete any existing key fobs you already have so the new key fob will work as a spare alongside any working key fobs you already have.

The Lucas self programming system we sell for pre 2003 models will NOT work with this system, the only way we can help is removing the pektron scu control unit and sending it to us, this is the only way, please do not purchase the Lucas key fobs they will not work.

I don’t want to pay for new key fobs! can you just remove the immobiliser? Sorry NO

Prices –

1 X Key Fob – £88.80 (inc VAT & delivery) *EKA CODE SUPPLIED FREE*  (we do not sell EKA codes over the phone)

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