Nissan Kubistar Immobiliser bypass 1998 to 2003

Do you have problems starting your Nissan Kubistar?
Does your Nissan Kubistar immobiliser light keep flashing?
If you press your Nissan Kubistar key while trying to start the van is may sometimes start?
If your Nissan Kubistar key is broken or your Nissan Kubistar immobiliser is just having problems our Nissan immobiliser bypass will sort your problems.

We send you this plug (pin entry plug)

This device will bypass all Nissan Kubistar immobilisers (all models up to 2003). Once we have deactivated your immobiliser your Nissan Kubistar will start normally, with any key which fits the ignition. This process still works, even if your key fob has stopped working before you order the bypass.

We will need the emergency start number, this number is either in the vehicle service book (supplementary key No) or inside the key, the number in the key may be on a paper sticker or the number wiil be printed inside the plastic housing, you will need a UV light to see this number, the number can also be obtained from a Nissan dealership. If you cannot see the number in your key send the key to Remote Key Ltd.

The number Will be 8 didgits long Starting With “E”

We will send you a device which plugs into your Nissan Kubistar and it will start, your Nissan Kubistar will start normally every time.

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