Range rover key fob

RANGE ROVER KEY FOBMost of us have a spare set of house keys. Usually a neighbour or family member keep them safe for that inconvenient time our own suddenly go missing, or we walk out of the house locking the keys inside.

Car keys, now that’s a whole different ball game. According to a survey of 2,000 drivers carried out by Lloyds Bank Car Insurance division, over 25% of drivers have at some point lost their car keys, while 5% have had their keys stolen. With the increasing complexity of modern vehicle keys and fobs, the days of getting one cut as you would house keys are long gone.

Lost vehicle keys these days can mean hours of inconvenience, stranded with your vehicle, trying to find where you can get a replacement key. Doesn’t it make sense to ensure you have a spare set for just such a possibility?

Our Services

At Remote Key, that’s what we do. We manufacture replacement keys, fobs, and immobilisers for a whole range of modern cars and vans. Whether you want a replacement or repair kit for a Ford, MG, Renault, or a Range Rover key fob, we can supply them all.

As one of the UK’s leading vehicle key replacement companies we offer immobiliser repairs and replacement, as well as immobiliser programming and bypassing, all of which are easily fitted by the motorist. The majority of our products are produced in the UK, and all are available mail order.

About Us

In the late 1990’s we realised it was becoming increasingly difficult for drivers to replace vehicle keys which had been lost, stolen, or broken down. Short of finding a main agent, and often having to wait for a replacement key to arrive, there were few normal locksmiths who had the facilities to offer replacement vehicle keys.

It was in 2004, with a vast experience of working within the vehicle security industry behind us, that the family firm called Remote Key was established. With the majority of our products designed and manufactured in the UK, it wasn’t long before we were supplying vehicle manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, and MG Rover.

Now, from our company facility based in Christchurch, Dorset, we supply the UK general public, as well as the motor trade and locksmiths. Our operation has also recently expanded to Europe, where we have both French and Spanish speaking staff to deal with the needs of our European customers.

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For many vehicle keys, such as the Range Rover key fob, obtaining a spare before the original is lost is paramount if you want to avoid extra expense and inconvenience. We supply replacement Range Rover key fobs with a programmer box which allows the fob to programme itself, so you need to be able to access the vehicle. We also need information from your original key fob. Emergency start plugs are also available for older Range Rover models.

Don’t wait until you are unable to access or start your vehicle. Follow the steps on our website and contact us now. Make certain you have a spare vehicle key for those unexpected mishaps, and ensure you’re not one of the estimated 3 million UK drivers without one.