Renault Immobiliser

Are you experiencing problems with your Renault immobiliser? At Remote Key, we specialise in immobiliser repairs, programming, and bypasses to ensure your vehicle is highly secure. With our prompt and comprehensive service, your immobiliser issue will soon be a thing of the past.

What is an immobiliser?

An immobiliser is an electronic security device that has been a compulsory addition to cars since 1998. The immobiliser prevents your Renault from starting unless the correct key or fob is present by deactivating at least two of three mechanisms that allow a car to start.

It is vital that your immobiliser is fully functional in order to reduce the chances of car theft and prevent it from being hotwired. If your current Renault does not have an immobiliser, or your existing immobiliser is not working as it should, we provide a first class programming service.

Our immobiliser service for Renaults Renault Immobiliser

No matter which Renault model, you may have, we offer the same high-quality immobiliser services to all customers. We have experience in repairing and replacing immobilisers for a wide range of Renault cars and vans, including:

  • Clio
  • Scenic
  • Megane
  • Kangoo
  • Trafic and more

The majority of our immobilisers are manufactured in the UK, so you do not need to wait for parts to be shipped from overseas before we can finish the job.

When our work is done, we will send your immobiliser to you through special delivery so that it can be fitted as soon as possible. Our replacement Renault immobiliser products are easy to fit yourself so you will not need to seek the services of any other technicians or car security specialists.

Why choose Remote Key?

At Remote Key, we are an honest, professional, family-run company with many years’ experience in Renault security. Our immobiliser services are available to both private and commercial customers, including dealership managers and locksmiths. Just ask our previous clients, and they will be happy to assure you of our fast and efficient service.

Over the years, we have replaced and programmed vehicle immobilisers for some of the biggest automotive companies in the world. Our extensive knowledge of immobiliser mechanisms and Renault as a brand means that we can quickly diagnose your issue and come up with the best solution. We will then immediately carry out any necessary repairs and programming for your Renault immobiliser.

You can rest safe in the knowledge that your new immobiliser will perform perfectly for many years as all of our products are fully guaranteed. Our immobilisers for Renaults are rigorously tested at least twice before being sent out to the customer to ensure that they are in perfect working order. Many customers return to us if they have any other issues with their immobilisers or key fobs as they know they will receive a quality service.

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