Has your immobiliser ceased functioning? If so, get in touch with Remote Key today as we have the skills necessary to carry out a Renault Megane immobiliser bypass. Our team will ensure that you regain the full use of your personal vehicle for a price that is surprisingly affordable.

Our immobiliser bypass for Renault Megane services

At Remote Key, we can supply you with a professional immobiliser bypass for Renault Megane’s that is second-to-none. If you are struggling with your immobiliser chances are that the receiver module is on the verge of failing. Should this happen, you will be unable to gain access to your car without forcing the lock.

Renault models built between 1994 and 2002 utilised a less efficient style of immobiliser that required access to a receiver module to unlock the car. The process of bypassing this setup is relatively complicated. Should it be done incorrectly, this could damage your vehicle and cost you extra money to put right. Our skilled team can bypass immobilisers for Renault Megane’s in a way that is both quick and efficient.

We achieve a Renault Megane immobiliser bypass with a specific code that is usually located in the service manual that accompanies your vehicle. If you are unable to locate the manual, we can also extract the code from your engine ECU. Alternatively, we can generate a new one using your key number. Once we have this code, our specialists will supply and fit a bypass module that will allow any standard key to start your car, so long as it fits the ignition.

The advantages of an immobiliser bypass for Renault Megane’s is that firstly they will provide you with a cost-effective alternative to buying a new vehicle. Secondly, a bypass will not affect the central locking (assuming this is still working) or alter any existing key programmes that you may have.

At Remote Key, our services for bypassing immobilisers for Renault Megane’s are available from as little as £88 which includes 24-48 hour insured delivery. Also, should your key fob be failing we can provide you with a professional reconditioning service that will restore it to full working order.

Why choose Remote Key?

What makes us the go-to company for providing an immobiliser bypass for Renault Megane’s? Simple, we represent quality within the industry and our in-house made products are designed and engineered here in the UK. We ensure that all of our parts are fully tried and tested so that they meet the exacting standards laid out by the Trading Standards, so you can buy with confidence.

Over the years, our experts have provided services for clients within the motor trade, as well as locksmiths and members of the public. In addition to Renaults, we also service most other well-known brands of vehicle such as:

  • Ford
  • MG
  • Nissan
  • Range Rover
  • Vauxhall to name a few


Find out more about our Renault Megane immobiliser bypass by getting in touch with our company. Contact us