Have you lost one of your keys? Or do you simply want to upgrade from a standard key to a remote key? We can create you a new key- fast. In addition to manufacturing keys, we also provide a reconditioning service for key fobs. So if you’re in pickle or looking to upgrade to 21st century technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Our Vauxhall Car Key Manufacturer cloning service

When you lose or misplace a car key, it can be a pain to share as people usually have their car key attached to their keyring. With our Vauxhall car key manufacturer service, you can have a new key sent to you in a matter of days – all we need is one of the original keys to clone.

With our stock of Vauxhall keys, our Vauxhall car key manufacturer team can copy the existing digital data in the original key and program it into a new key. When we clone your key, your car will not be able to tell the difference between the new key and the old key because they both have the same digital programming information; this means the new key will operate the locking system and start your car with no problem at all.

We can also use our cloning technology to update your standard key to a remote key, giving you the luxury of locking and unlocking your car from a distance. The locking system in most modern cars already comes programmed to work with a remote key, but because a remote key is more expensive, a lot of people decide to stick with a standard one.

How do you go about using our Vauxhall car key manufacturer service?

When you choose our Vauxhall car key manufacturer service, you don’t need to worry about coming all the way to us. We’ll provide you with our address for you to send your key to – we do recommend you send it by insured delivery just in case it does get lost in the post.

You can order your new key on our website, and with our secure payment system, you can pay easily using either a debit/credit card or Paypal account. Once we have received your original key in the post, it usually takes 24 hours for our Vauxhall key manufacture process to take place. We’ll then post your original and new key back to you, using a secure next day delivery service. All orders are processed Monday to Friday so if you send us your original key on Monday, you should have it back by Thursday at the latest.

What are the benefits of cloning your key with our Vauxhall car key manufacturer?

There are many benefits for choosing to clone your original key including:  Vauxhall Car Key Manufacturer

  • It’s a quick and simple process
  • It’s cheap
  • You don’t need to make any changes to your vehicle
  • It’s just a simple case of sending your key

Our key fob reconditioning service

As part of our Vauxhall car key manufacturer service, we can also recondition key fobs.  If your immobiliser is taking more than ten minutes to turn off, it could be a sign that your key fob isn’t transmitting the necessary code to the immobiliser properly.

When you send us your key fob for reconditioning, we will clean the circuit and re-solder every joint. We will then carefully replace the battery, provide new splash proof buttons and install a new transmitting crystal, which will all help to improve the connection between the key fob and your immobiliser.

Our Vauxhall car key manufacturer conditioning service works in exactly the same way as our cloning service. All you need to do is use our secure website to place an order and pay using normal methods online. Once you’ve paid, send us your key for conditioning and we’ll aim to send your reconditioned key back to you in a few days (Monday-Friday only).

Why should you choose Remote Key as your Vauxhall car key manufacturer?

We’re a leading Vauxhall car key manufacturer dedicated to supplying our clients with quality keys for any model by the Vauxhall Group.

When you choose Remote Key, you can be sure that your car key is in expert hands. As we’re a small family company that has been running for over 10 years, we know that every member of staff is qualified and experienced in carrying out our services.  We also make sure that all of our staff are trained to carry out our key cloning and reconditioning for a variety of Vauxhall models.

We have confidence in the quality of our work and in our ability to supply a first rate Vauxhall car key manufactur service. All the work that we carry out is fully guaranteed for 12 months, and if you are unhappy with any of the work we complete, we do offer a 14 day money back guarantee.

The demand for our services has proven to be high, and we know supply both France and Spain with a Vauxhall car key manufacturer service.

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