Vauxhall Movano immobiliser bypass 1998 to 2003 fitting instructions

The Vauxhall immobiliser bypass device need to be plugged into the socket to the right of the steering column just up behind the dashboard


Remove the cover from the socket

The Device Plugs into the socket shown above, your van will start normally


Plug bypass device into the socket

NOTE: A small cut out location slot is on the device, it will only fit one way

Turn ignition on, WAIT until dashboard red flashing LED light goes out, this takes about 4 seconds, van will now start.

NOTE: Once the van is started Red LED light will come back on for about 30 seconds, this is normal

Vauxhall bypass plug fitted

The RED button on the bypass is NOT used it does nothing


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  1. Check the vehicles battery is fully charged
  2. Check all the fuses.
  3. Look at the bypass, turn on the ignition the bypass will flash a blue LED light, if this light does not flash it has no power, check wiring connections battery condition and fuses.
  4. If the blue LED light flashes fast the bypass cannot connect to the van, check the connections on the black box with the blue connector next to the steering column just above the foot pedals.
  5. If the blue LED light flashes / pauses / flashes / pauses the bypass is working but the code is wrong, check the code from your key or service book is correct “6” & “G” & “2” & “Z” can be easily mixed up, if you have the wrong code send the bypass back with your key and we will check it for you.